We cater to a wide variety of events and parties. Whether you’re a festival organizer, holding an outdoor wedding, or just want to throw a Cinco de Mayo fiesta in your backyard, we have you covered. The Whistler Boom Box is equipped with a ETX series loudspeaker system made by Electro-Voice, boasting 5800watts of power…Capable for 600+ guests to enjoy quality sound. We will also work with you to fit your needs, so if you want to offer a particular beverage line-up or request a certain DJ, we are versatile and committed to offering you a personalized and unique experience.

Where did we come from?        

Historically speaking, the Boom Box arose out of a need for portability. It changed the way music was enjoyed by allowing the tunes to travel and for large groups of people to simultaneously enjoy it. Our goal with the Whistler Boom Box is to honour this by bringing the music to you. Oh, and we thought we’d throw some drinks into the mix.

Simply put, the Whistler Boom Box is a timber framed trailer equipped with everything, purposefully built &  needed to host an extravagant out-door event.

We used Douglas Fir salva‍‍‍ged from our local area throughout the boom box.

Fully wired with 120v plugs, low voltage LED lighting and a sub panel to ensure all electrical components run safe and sound.  

Large fresh water tank along with a double sink, faucet with sprayer and a grey water holding tank to ensure a proper bartenders work space.

The layout is designed to be as open and airy as possible for an approachable inviting atmosphere.

We created the boom box to be versatile, it is intended to conform to any situation. From a single DJ playing music to a team of bartenders serving drinks and a full band playing for large crowds and beyond.


  • up to three bartenders can efficiently work in trailer, more can be arranged if needed
  • A 94 litre fresh water tank with sink is on board providing for a full night of professional bartending
  • extra large custom made stainless steel ice well can handle well over 300 cans with ice, there is also space for up to six large coolers
  • Professional draft beer system, including a two faucet tower with perlick spouts


  • A pair of loudspeakers are mounted inside the trailer for a confined set up, or can be spread out side on stands

- Electro-Voice ETX 15P 15" two way powered loudspeakers

  • The main subwoofer is permanently mounted in the trailer

- Electro-Voice ETX 18SP  18" powered subwoofer

  • We chose a Denon mixer as our control centre for it all, it is capable of many tasks, from a simple iPod input, to a professional DJ  or to a 12 channel live band  

- Denon DN-412X 2-Bus Tabletop Mixer (12-Channel)

- Radial StageBug SB-5 Laptop DI

  • ‍‍ Professional quality wireless microphone system available for your use. Great for speeches or a event MC, works up to 300' away from trailer

- A Shure BLX24/SM58 Wireless Handheld Mic System


what do we do?

a   p a r t y  i n       a   b o x

(  o n   w h e e l s  )
(  &  w i t h   r e a l   g o o d   s o u n d  )