The Boom Package

How it works…

  • drop off, placement and set up; we will place the Boom Box in your desired space, get the sound ready to Boom and the bar set and ready to flow.

For events up to 100 guests the boombox includes:

  • 2 highly experienced ‘serving it right’ bartenders
  • our inhouse DJ playing for 4 hours
  • drinks chilled, garnishes prepared, ice well and coolers stocked
  • water tanks filled
  • draft beer set up

For groups over 100 we require an extra bartender to keep the line movin’ and groovin’. See our add-ons at the bottom.

The Boom Package does not include drinks. You are welcome to provide your own drinks and we will get them chilled, or you can give us your shopping list and we will pick it up for a 15% surcharge fee. It is totally up to you! Feeling fancy? Why not have his and hers cocktails. We are happy to prepare your favorite cocktails or can help you come up with a new creation.  

If you need a DJ for longer than 4 hours, we can organize this - see add-ons below. During games hour, pre-reception drinks or before the ceremony you are welcome to hook up your favorite Spotify playlist before the DJ gets started or you can select one of our awesome Spotify playlists.

Once the party is over we take care of the cleaning and packing up.  






DIY Package

How it works…

Drop off, placement and set up; we will place the Boom Box in your desired space, get the sound ready to Boom and the bar ready for you to stock. We will give whoever is in charge a run down on how the bar and sound work. You, your MC or planner are then responsible for the operations throughout the event.    

If you need assistance with the bar, a DJ or picking up drinks you can upgrade your package.

We have professional, ‘serving it right’ bartenders that can handle high volume events and an awesome inhouse DJ. See package add-on’s below for more info.  

All we ask from you is that the trailer is cleaned and back in the same state it was when we dropped it off. If we are left with a mess or anything broken we will add a cleaning or repair fee.

With the DYI package you are responsible for drinks, glassware, ice, DJ, bartenders and a power source*.

*power source: the Boom Box draws minimal power, a dedicated 15amp circuit (regular 3 prong residential plug works). If you’re in the middle of the forest you can plug into a generator with a 4 prong 30amp twist-lock socket. Generators can be rented from us - see below.





Boom Box Add-Ons  

Professional bar team - contact us for a quote

Having an experienced bar team that can ensure fast delivery of responsibly, well prepared, delicious drinks to your guests can take the stress away from relying on friends.  

<100 guests - 2 serving it right, professional bartenders - this fee is included in the Boom Package

>100 guests - 2 serving it right bartenders with 1 bar back to clear glass, serve tray service wine and ensure smooth service    

Liquor Pick Up Surcharge – 15%  

If you’d like us to pick up your liquor, beer, kegs, pop or garnishes i.e. lemons, limes etc. we can do all that for a 15% surcharge. You give us the list, we pick it up, get it chilled and ready to serve.  

Beer Gas  

If you are using our 2 tap keg tower in the DYI package there is a fee for beer gas. This fee is included in The Boom Package. Economically it is much better to use kegs rather than cans of beer. But once again, totally up to you!  


Party in the forest? No problem. We can hook up a generator for you to Boom off grid.  

150’ Rear Projector  

A photo montage of your love story or embarrassing photos for a birthday party….let’s get them up on the big screen!  

Event Permits

If your venue does not have a license or doesn’t allow third parties to piggy-back on theirs we can set up an event permit for you. All our bartenders have their ‘serving it right’ certificates and are ready to pour.  

Delivery Fee – only for outside Pemberton to Squamish  

We charge $0.75 per km for events outside Pemberton to Squamish.

Professional DJ    

We have access to the best DJ’s in the Sea to Sky Corridor. Kevin Morrison, co-owner of The Boom Box is our resident DJ. He enjoys bringing the vibe to weddings and parties and will ensure the dance floor is pumping. It’s important to select a DJ who will create an energy you and your guests will never forget. A DJ for 4 hours is included in The Boom Package.